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״Look at situations from all angles,

and you will become more open״

- Dalai Lama


Optimal Design of 'Soft' Welfare Programs

Joint with Nicola Pavoni and Gianluca Violante
Review of Economic Dynamics, 2016.

Unemployment Insurance and Unemployment Accounts: The Best of Both Worlds

Journal of the European Economic Association, 2017.

On the Asset Allocation of a Default Pension Fund

Joint with Magnus Dahlquist and Roine Vestman
Journal of Finance, 2018.

Financial Risk and Unemployment

Joint with Zvi Eckstein and David Weiss

International Economic Review, 2018.

From Unemployment Benefits to Unemployment Accounts - Reforming Unemployment Insurance in Israel

Joint with Ido Shlomo
Economic Quarterly (in Hebrew), 2018.

Optimal Unemployment Insurance with Monitoring

Quantitative Economics, 2019.

On the Provision of Unemployment Insurance when Workers are ex-ante Heterogeneous

(Previously titled: "Who Cares about Unemployment Insurance?")
Joint with Yaniv Yedid-Levi
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2020.

Working papers

Universal Basic Income: Inspecting the Mechanisms

Joint with Nir Jaimovich, Itay Saporta-Eksten, and Yaniv Yedid-Levi, 2022.

Designing Pension Plans According to Consumption-Savings Theory

Joint with Kathrin Schlafmann and Roine Vestman, 2022.

Older papers

Moral Hazard and Endogenous Monitoring


Search and Work in Optimal Welfare Programs

Joint with Nicola Pavoni and Gianluca Violante, 2012.

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